Ellie is a daughter of Friska, born in 1998 during the first research period.

When we found Ellie in 2007 again, she had grown into a strong headed teenager. She quickly got more and more independent from her mother Friska and soon started to range independently. For the first few years however, Ellie often came to visit Friska and play with her younger brother Fredy.

Ellie spent most of her teenage years together with a group of teenage girls. Ellie was quite a moody teenager, always noisily rushing through the forest. When being upset (for example about a rainy morning) she would often throw her own night nest out of the tree or completely destroy small trees.

When Ellie gave birth to her first baby Eden in 2014, we were almost a bit surprised to see her taking care of her baby so well. The first six months after giving birth we often saw Ellie supporting Eden with her hand as if she was not fully convinced that Eden would manage to hold onto her fur on her own.

Even though being a mom now, Ellie still has loads of energy and always moves very fast. Her high energy also allows her to quickly chase after Eden who lately started to love sneaking off to play with Frankie and Cinnamon. Whenever Ellie thinks that Eden is too far away she rushes towards her daughter and manages to collect her in no time.

It seems like Ellie has learned all she needs to know to be a good mother from Friska and her daughter Eden is a healthy and content baby girl.