The Suaq Project

SUAQ foundation
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Photo credits:

All pictures used on this website were taken by the staff, students and researchers of the Suaq project: Adami, Agam Junaidi, Ami, Ajis, Akbar, Anais van Cauwenberghe, Anna Marzec, Armas, Basri, Benjamin Nolan, Brigitte Spillmann, Carel van Schaik, Caroline Schuppli, Chigusa Keller, Christiaan Conradie, Danis, Dimas, Edi, Ellen Meulman, Eric Balke, Fikar, Hannes Wiese, Julia Kunz, Junaiha, Izumi, Mudin, Paula Willi, Peter Schuppli, Rizal, Saidi, Sofia Vilela, Sonja Falkner, Steven Heyward, Tami, Toni, Urs Wipfli, Ulil, Zhar, Zia.



All scientific texts on this website are based on the literature listed on the publications page. All other texts are based on the experiences, happenings, and events observed at the Suaq research station from 1994 to present date.