The Suaq monitoring station is located in the Gunung Leuser National Park in South Aceh, Sumatra, Indonesia. Since 1994, monitoring activities within the area as well as research on orangutan behavior, their genetics and endocrinology is being carried out at Suaq.

A paradise for orangutans and other wildlife

Fed by a river of nutrient rich water from the close by mountains, the peat swamp forest of Suaq is packed full with rich fruit trees. The trees at Suaq follow no clear seasonal pattern and bear ripe fruits available almost all year around. These conditions allow for a uniquely high species-richness and diversity. The high fruit availability enables the Suaq orangutans to spend more time in association with other orangutans and live in higher population densities than anywhere else in the world.

The monitoring station at the shore of the Lembang river

The Suaq monitoring station is reached by a two hours boat ride from the nearest village. The station is composed of three small wooden houses with several bedrooms, two Indonesian style mandis and a simple kitchen. Researchers from all over the world are accommodated together with local staff members. Food and other supplies are carried up from by boat, once or twice a week. The monitoring station has no electricity, only using a few hours of generator power during the night.