Eden is the first child of Ellie, born in November 2014. Eden is a very bold little girl, now already spending a lot of her time off of Ellie’s body. Eden loves to climb around in the surrounding branches of a fruit tree while Ellie is feeding.

Ellie tries to keep Eden close to her because Eden is still too small to travel between trees on her own. Eden, however, likes to explore her surroundings and spends most of her time trying to sneak off. Luckily, Ellie is a very energetic mom and seemingly never gets tired to chase after her cheeky daughter.

Eden loves to play with Frankie and Cinnamon who are both 2.5 years older than her. Whenever they are playing Eden tries her best to keep up with her bigger play partners and doesn’t seem to bother that they are much stronger and faster than her.

Eden is growing bigger every day and discovers more and more about the world around her while Ellie always has a watchful eye on her.