Eden is Ellie’s first child, born in early November 2014. Eden is a very feisty and bold little girl who likes to explore her surroundings and try out new things. Since her birth, Eden has sported a Mohawk on her head and we often call her a “little punk”.

Eden spends a lot of her time trying to sneak away from her watchful mother. Ellie and Eden clearly disagree over how far away Eden can venture out on her own. Eden is incredibly determined and keeps on trying to get as far as possible, taking advantage of any minute Ellie is not being attentive, like for example when Ellie is eating in a big fruit tree. Eden is very fast for her age and size and constantly surprises us with how much distance she can cover in what seems like no time at all. Luckily, Ellie is a very energetic mom and almost never gets tired of chasing after her cheeky daughter.

Eden loves to play with Frankie and Cinnamon who are both 2.5 years older than her. Whenever they are playing, Eden tries her best to keep up with her bigger play partners and doesn’t seem too bothered that they are much stronger and faster than her. Eden has always had a special connection to Cinnamon, who had often helped her get from tree to tree when they were playing together.  Cinnamon seems to have turned into a role model for Eden and we have seen Eden copying Cinnamon when she was using tools or when she was displaying and kiss-squeaking. However, when Cinnamon lately met Eden and Ellie without her mother Cissy close by, to our surprise, Ellie chased her off and Eden joined in the chase. It seems like the old dispute between the Cissy and the Friska Family is still ongoing.

Since the birth of Luther, Eden has found a new favorite play partner. Eden seemed very fond of Luther right from the beginning. When Luther was too young to leave his mother Lilly, Eden would approach Lilly to play with Luther in the safe branches above Lilly’s nest. Because of her life-long feud with Lilly, Ellie did not like this. But knowing how stubborn her daughter is, Ellie decides to sit it out and disapprovingly stare at Lilly from afar.

In many ways, Eden is just like her strong-willed and incorruptible mother. The two of them have many disagreements and because both are very stubborn, it is always very interesting – and funny! – to watch who will give in. For example, when Ellie leaves a fruit tree, Eden often ignores her travel initiation scratches or calls and simply continues to eat. After waiting a bit, Ellie will eventually move on while Eden watches defiantly still eating. However, when Ellie is too far away, Eden will start crying pitifully with pursed lips and a somehow mischievous look in her eyes. Ellie will quickly turn around and rush back to Eden, snatching her and running off with Eden holding on tight so she doesn’t fall off.  Whereas any other infant would probably start crying during such a rushed ride, Eden seems to enjoy it: she just holds on tight and makes content hooting sounds.

Eden is very interested in Ellie’s association partners, especially the big males, and shows an alarmingly low level of respect towards them. We have seen Eden sneaking away from Ellie to go pull the hair of a giant flanged male or make faces at a big unflanged male while twirling around his face. Ellie would then rush to her daughter and pull her away from the males, possibly worried that Eden might go too far with them. Ellie herself has been seen chasing away fully grown males and it looks like Eden has inherited her mother’s fearless attitude.

Eden is growing bigger every day and continuously discovers more about the world around her. It is always fun to watch Ellie and Eden and we are curious to see how their lively relationship develops.