Friska is one of the oldes females in Suaq and the mother of the “frizzy hair” maternal line.
Already for many years Friska is the dominant female in Suaq. She is extraordinarily brave and strong-headed. Despite her high age she is still very fit and strong. Friskais not scared to chase away unflanged males when they get to obstrusive. For this untertaking she has the local suppot of her juveneils son Fredy, who still often associate with her.
Many other females in Suaq avoid her association, since she used to chase them out of their feeding trees and take over their spots. Friska also seems to prefer beeing by her own together with her dependent infant.
At the same time Friska is an amazing mother. She is taking great care of her offspring. Her parenting style is very strict but carring when needed.

With 6 confirmed offspring Friska is the most succesful mother in Suaq. At the moment she raises her little baby-boy Frankie.