Friska is one of the oldest females in Suaq and the matriarch of the «frizzy hair» matriline. Friska has been the dominant female at Suaq for many years. She is extraordinarily brave and strong-minded. Despite her old age, she is still very fit and strong.

When unflanged males become too obtrusive, Friska is courageous enough to chase them away. In the past, her juvenile son, Fredy, would help her ambush the males and chase them off into the forest. However, now that Fredy has left the Suaq area, Friska has to be more careful with these endeavors.

Occasionally, Friska would chase the other females at Suaq out of their feeding trees, or nests, to take their spots. Even though in recent years Friska has calmed down a bit, many other females still avoid spending time with her. When the Suaq females hang out together, she often keeps her distance from them. She seems to prefer being by herself, keeping just the company of her current infant, Frankie. When Frankie wants to play with his peers, Friska often drops him off with the other mothers, but then wanders away to do her own thing.

Friska is a very skilled mother who takes great care of her offspring. Her parenting style is very strict, but caring when necessary. She normally lets her infants cry more often than the other mothers do and gives in to their demands less frequently. When Friska drops Frankie off for his little play dates, Frankie has to pay attention and make sure the distance from his mother doesn’t become too large. Friska won’t wait long after summoning him and will leave if he doesn’t respond quickly to her call. However, once Frankie starts following her, she will slow down to make sure his tiny legs can catch up. Being an experienced mom helps Friska to react quickly and effectively in urgent cases. She always seems to know what to do and where to go.

Friska has had 6 confirmed offspring, making her the most successful mother at Suaq. Even though her kids don’t seem to get as much affection as the others, Friska appears to prepare them well for life. At the moment, Friska raises her youngest infant Frankie, to whom she gave birth in 2012. Friska still nurses Frankie regularly, but Frankie has reached an age where Friska could become pregnant with her next infant. We are all very curious to see if this will be possible with Friska’s old age.Friska is full of surprises and we cannot wait to see what happens next!