Frankie was born in August 2012 and is Friska’s youngest son. Despite his old mother, Frankie is developing fine.

Frankie is a very bold and fierce little boy. From very early on he loved to play with his older brother Fredy. Now that Fredy is not around that often anymore, his niece Eden has become Frankie’s favorite play partner. When playing with Eden who is 2.5 years younger than him, Frankie is always very cautious and gentle with her. He seems to know that Eden’s mom Ellie, who is his older sister always has a watchful eye on her daughter.

Frankie is a bit smaller than other kids at his age but interestingly more independent. Since the other females with their kids seem to avoid Frankie’s mom Friska, it is often Frankie who goes close to them on his own. Frankie then seems to forget all about feeding or let alone following his mom and only wants to play with his association partners.

Friska is now getting stricter and stricter with Frankie, often leaving him behind when he is too distracted to follow her. Once Friska is at a certain distance however, Frankie always rushes after her and often starts to cry pitifully. As soon as he starts to cry Friska will slow down and wait for him to catch up. Friska will then take him into cling and often comfort nurses him until Frankie calms down.