Lilly is a young adult female, estimated to be born in 2001. She is the first daughter of Lisa. Just like her mother, Lilly is extremely explorative and getting more and more proficient in tool use. She trying to use tools in a great variety of contexts, still figuring out what is working and what not. For this Lilly produces up to 30 tools per day.

Until recently, Lilly spent most of her time with a group of similar aged teenage girls, including her younger aunt Chindy. Lilly still visits her mother Lisa quite frequently to the great pleasure of her little brother Lois who loves to play with her. In her early teenage years Lilly often associated with unflanged males but did not seem the least bit interested in anything else than hanging out with them. Lilly was always watching her association partners closely while feeding or during nest building, seemingly hoping to learn new tricks.

In the last three years however, Lilly has  developed an increasing interest in males. She spent a lot of time with the locally dominant flanged males Islo and Dian, and was also trying to mate with them. At the beginning however, Islo and Dian did not seem to take Lilly very serious, probably knowing that she was still a bit too young. But then in mid 2015 the males showed more and more active interest in Lilly.

In late 2016 we have then seen Lilly with her first infant, a boy which we named Luther. We haven’t had the chance to follow Lilly a lot lately but we are all curious to see how she is as a mom.