Lisa is a daughter of Cissy, estimated to be born in 1988. Lisa has been followed since she was an infant and we have seen her grow up into a beautiful adult female. Lisa has two kids: Lilly, a young adult female and Lois, an infant boy.

Like her mother, Lisa is extremely explorative and innovative. No other orangutan at Suaq uses tools as often and flexibly as Lisa does. Lisa is one of the most well habituated females at Suaq. She is very at ease with us researchers observing her and basically ignores us the entire day. Sometimes we even have to move out of her way to not get too close to her.

Lisa is currently taking care of Lois, her 6 year old infant boy. Lisa is a very caring but also a very relaxed mother. She lets Lois play with his peers whenever he likes to do so. Lisa is also okay with Lois playing with fully grown males.

Lisa often associates with her mother Cissy who has an infant girl herself. Lisa and Cissy with their infants Lois and Cinnamon are then often joined by their older daughters Lilly and Chindy. The six of them will then travel, feed and sleep close to each other as one big peaceful family for many consecutive days.