Lilly is a young adult female, estimated to have been born in 2001. She is the first daughter of Lisa. Just like her mother, Lisa, Lilly is exceptionally explorative and as a juvenile, she was becoming very proficient at tool use. As a juvenile, she tried to use tools in a great variety of contexts, still learning what would work and what not. Because of this, Lilly produced up to 30 tools per day!

During her juvenile years, Lilly spent most of her time with a group of similarly aged girls, including her younger aunt Chindy. Lilly was well-liked by her peers, but she did not get along well with Ellie. Despite having many common friends, Lilly and Ellie were hardly ever seen together. Lilly and Ellie avoided each other and we think that their mutual dislike came from their time as infants, when Ellie’s mother, Friska, often chased Lilly’s mother, Lisa, away.

As a juvenile, Lilly visited her mother Lisa quite frequently, to the great pleasure of her little brother Lois, who loved to play with her. In her early juvenile years, Lilly also associated often with unflanged males, but did not seem interested in anything else but just hanging out with them. While feeding, or during nest building, Lilly was always watching her association partners closely, hoping to learn new tricks.

Around the age of 14, Lilly developed an increasing interest in males. She spent a lot of time with the locally dominant flanged males, Islo and Dian, and was also trying to mate with them. In the beginning, Islo and Dian did not seem to take Lilly very serious, probably because she was still a bit too young. But then in mid-2015 the males began showing more active interest in Lilly. Lilly would often disappear with these males for long periods of time.

In late 2016, we saw Lilly with her first infant, a boy which we named Luther. At that time, Luther was already around 6 months old. Lilly is a very protective mother and during her first year as a mother, she frequently kept Luther hidden from observers. Also, Lilly seems to have settled in the northern part of the Suaq area, where we are limited in following her. But over the last few years, we were slowly getting to follow her more and more. In terms of parenting, Lilly seems to emulate her mother Lisa because she is very gentle and patient with her infants. Lilly cuddles and grooms her baby boy a lot and he has clearly become the center of her attention.

Lilly appears fascinated by her first baby and seems to put all her energy into making sure that Luther is happy and content. Luther seems to have started to realize that he has his mother wrapped around his finger, but so far, Lilly is playing along. Through their kids, Lilly and Ellie seem to have given up on their ongoing personal feud: Luther and Eden were friends at first sight and their moms had to accept that nothing would keep those two from each other. They now allow their infants to play while they stare at each other from a far distance. We are curious to see if in the coming years Lilly and Ellie will make further steps towards each other.

All in all, Lilly has grown up to be an amazing mother and has clearly learned a lot from Lisa. We are excited to see how Lilly will raise Luther and his growing personality over the next years.