Lois is the second child of Lisa and was born in August 2010. Already from a very young age on, he was very curious and showed the highest rates of explorative behaviors of all infants. Lois is also very interested in what individuals around him do and he spends a lot of time observing them closely.

Lois was born 2 years ahead of the big baby boom we had at Suaq in 2012. Consequently, he is the oldest of this group of infants. He loves to play, especially with his aunt Cinnamon who is 2 years younger than him. Whereas Cinnamon’s mother Cissy is totally fine with Lois playing with her daughter, the other mothers are more reluctant. To the big dissapointment of Lois, they often pull their infants close to them when they see Lois approaching enthusiastically from afar.

Lois also liked to play with his older sister Lilly, but unfortunately for Lois, over the last three years Lilly was first getting more interested in grown up boys and ignored her little brother more and more. And now that Lilly gave birth to her own first infant she is too busy to play anyway.

However, Lois has lately become self-confident enough to play even with fully grown males. Because the males mostly ignore Lois, he has to put a lot of effort into trying to get them to play with him. Lois is sometimes even following the males into their nests or keeps on pulling their legs and arms.

Lisa lets him do this but always stays close by, keeping an eye on her cheeky son. The males don’t seem to dare to chase Lois away, probably because Lisa is always close by. When Lois haresses them too much, the males usually give in and play with him for a bit.