Cinnamon is Cissy’s youngest daughter, born in April 2012. Having such an knowledgeable and intelligent mother as Cissy, it is not surprising that Cinnamon is ahead of kids of her age in terms of skill development.

Cinnamon is not just extremely inquisitive but for her age very proficient in nest building and on top of that already masters most basic feeding techniques. She also starts her first own tool use attempts. Tool use however is still above Cinnamons competence levels. After failing with tool use or other complex feeding techniques, Cinnamon always goes to watch her mother to see how it is properly done. Cissy is a great role model, passing on her vast skill set to her youngest daughter.

Because Cissy is so sociable, Cinnamon is almost constantly surrounded by play partners. On top of that, Cinnamon seems to be the favourite play partner of most of her peers: as soon as Cinnamon is close by, the other kids try to get close and play with her.

When playing with younger kids, Cinnamon is extremely caring and makes sure that her junior play partners are doing fine. When multiple kids are playing together it is always Cinnamon who is looking out for the younger ones, also helping them to cross tree gaps if the play group moves.

Cinnamon still spends all of her time close to her mother. In the evenings Cinnamon will already often build her own nest right next to Cissy’s nest. But she will then still always switch to Cissy’s nest to spend the night with her mom.