Cissy is one of the older females at Suaq. Cissy is currently taking care of Cinnamon, her youngest daughter. Like with her other 3 daughters, Cissy is an amazing role model and passes her vast skill repertoires onto Cinnamon.

Despite her age, Cissy is still explorative and curious. She shows the largest tool use repertoire and an unmatched variety of other feeding techniques. Given her expertise and vast knowledge, it is not surprising that her daughters all like to spend time with Cissy. Cissy always tolerates them close by and the whole family often travels as a small group for many days. But Cissy also tolerates completely unrelated females close by, such as Ellie or Raffi.

Cissy also knows many other tricks: she is an expert in sneaking off when she wants to avoid certain association partners like obtrusive males. She will then make a day nest, seemingly rest in it for some time until the others will have made a nest as well. Cissy will then suddenly dart out of her nest, first run off quickly but then, as soon as she is out of sight, quietly hide in a dense tree. As soon as the confused males will have passed her, Cissy will leave her hiding tree and quitely move in the opposite direction. Cissy has also used that trick to get rid of us observers, even though on most days she is totally fine with us following her.

Cissy surprises us again and again with her cleverness and knowledgeability and we are always excited to see with what she will surprise us next.