When research activities at Suaq were resumed in 2007, Islo was the dominant flanged male. Islo’s reign lasted for another 7 years before he fell from his throne in 2014.

Islo has always been a very gentle flanged male. He was well liked by the females and he took his role as a protector of them very serious. When being harassed by other males, the Suaq females would associate with Islo who would reliably chase away any other male.

Early 2014 we suddenly found Islo with a big flesh wound in his face. He must have lost a fight with another flanged male.

Now that Islo has lost his dominance position, he cannot protect the females against other males anymore. He is however still in the area and the new dominance hierarchy is still undecided. We are not sure yet if he will try to fight for his throne again but the fact that he often silently retreats in encounters with other males doesn’t speak for this.

The females still like to visit Islo who is after all the father of most of their younger kids. Also, the juvenile females are often seen to seek Islo’s company and Islo seems to like having them around as he is incredibly tolerant with them.

When the other flanged males are out of the area, Islo starts to behave like a dominant flanged male again: he long calls loudly and pushes over dead trees which are typical behaviors for the dominant flanged male. It seems as if he still hasn’t fully accepted his defeat yet.