Gura has been seen in the Suaq research area since 2007. Gura looked very young then, so we think that he had then just left his natal area. Gura seemed to have settled at Suaq and we meet him again and again.

Even after ten years, Gura is a rather small unflanged male and seems still far away from developing flanges. This shows that some males take very long before they pass on to the flanged male stadium or may even stay unflanged for their entire life.

Gura is a very peaceful guy and loves to hang out with other unflanged males or even more with the newly independent juvenile females. But also the adult females don’t mind having him around.

Gura loves to watch what his association partners are doing. He is also known for being very playful and we see him play with the older infants quite frequently. He also sometimes tries to play with other unflanged males which is not always successful and seems to confuse some of them.