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Curious orangutans

Although extremely curious in captivity, the Sumatran orangutans at Suaq are quite reluctant when encountering new objects in the forest. In our latest paper you can read how we overcame the difficulties of studying their cognitive abilities in the wild.  We found out that age, conspecific presence and ecological factors like food availability impacted individuals’… Read more »

New paper out on social learning!

Our new paper is out! 🥳 We found evidence that migrant orangutan males in Suaq Balimbing, Sumatra, and in Tuanan, Borneo, use observational social learning (also called “peering” behavior) to learn new ecological knowledge from local individuals after dispersing to a new area. We thank all collaborators that made this study possible, which we published… Read more »

The SUAQ foundation is here!

This year we reached an important goal: we managed to establish the SUAQ foundation. After a lengthy founding phase we are now officially registered and tax-free. This will allow us to directly receive donations and will open new opportunities in terms of fund-raising. That we were able to establish our foundation was critically dependent on… Read more »