Today, #GiveLikeAnOrangutan on #GivingTuesday⁣

Did you see what happened in the video? In a truly special moment, Suaq researchers saw Gura, an unflanged male breaking off twigs of fruit and giving them directly to Ellie to eat! How precious is that? ⁣

The Suaq orangutans are reminding us that during this difficult time it’s more important than ever to take care of each other. Check in with your friends and family to see who could use a helping hand. ⁣

This video is so special because it’s very rare that we see orangutans actively sharing food with one another. Often, what we see is passive sharing. That could look like an infant orangutan taking some fruits from the twig her mother is already eating on without the mom minding. ⁣

It even looks like little Eden, Elllie’s infant, got to snack on the fruits too! This video is just a short clip of several minutes of Gura giving Ellie food. ⁣

And don’t forget the Suaq Orangutan Project during on Giving Tuesday! Indonesian research assistants are still in the field and taking data on orangutans, making sure to keep their distance, of course. Orangutan research and conservation still moves forwards and your support will help us so much! ⁣